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Composer Spotlight: Chris McCormack

Chris McCormack first arrived at Standard Music Library back in 1995. Since then, he’s appeared on 8 albums and it’s difficult for us to pick a favourite. A new album, Long Exposures, sees Chris once again working with Paul Gannaway, 10 years after their first collaboration on ESL085 Guitar Textures and Innovative Soundscapes, and evolving stylistically from this earlier album. Those that know Chris will also know his commercial releases under his own name, often ferocious techno/club tracks with titles like Exit To Extinction, There Are Better Ways and Erase Techno, a seminal track from 2002 that has just appeared in the 2018 Irish film, Dublin Oldschool. This is the same Chris McCormack who, for the album ESL224 Travel Notes, took solo recordings from guitar virtuoso Gordon Giltrap, de-constructed and re-wired them, and launched Gordon into a brand-new context. We’ve put together a playlist that showcases Chris’ many sides; club tracks, atmospherics, beats, ambient and a whole lot more.

Have a listen to the new album, Long Exposures here

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