Three catalogues. Fifty years’ worth of music.


Standard Music Library was set up as a collaboration between London Weekend Television (ITV) and Bucks Music Group in 1968 to provide the music for hit TV shows like Catweazle, Budgie, The Fenn Street Gang, Please Sir!, Upstairs, Downstairs and On The Buses. We’re still home to a large selection of music from LWT’s late 60s/70s programing, an era marshalled by Harry Rabinowitz, its legendary head of music. Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson, George Martin, Dudley Moore, Basil Kirchin, Sven Libaek, Barbara Moore, Tony Visconti, Michael Chapman all recorded for Standard in those early years.

Initially, and fittingly, Standard released 68 albums on vinyl, the last being Brian Eno’s Textures album (which to this day remains unreleased anywhere else). A multitude of TV series and films have dipped into Standard’s library catalogue: Serpico, Sex And The City, The West Wing, South Park, The One Show, BBC Panorama, Masterchef, Come Dine With Me, Top Gear and even Debbie Does Dallas.

We also look after 2 additional catalogues:


Large Czech catalogue with a vast range of classical works (Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bizet, Brahms, Vivaldi) plus Jewish and Gypsy songs and authentic music from the East.
Curated by James Kenelm Clarke. A small but growing boutique label of light melodies and moods, predominantly classical and acoustic.



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Our composers include: Naim Amor, Dom Beken & Alex Paterson, Dan Bewick, Phil Binding, Dennis Bovell, Raymond Burley, Michael Chapman, Neil Cowley, Delia Derbyshire, Terry Edwards, Rob Ellis, Brian Eno, Sam Fonteyn, Francis Fumiere, Barry Gilbey, Gordon Giltrap, Jonathan Goldstein, Ron Grainer, Tom Greenwood, Christopher Gunning, Philip Guyler, Derry Hall, Max Harris, Matthew Herbert, Nigel Hess, Brian Hodgson, Laurie Holloway, Si Hulbert, Elliot Ireland & Alex Rizzo, Fabian Jolivet, Denis King, Basil Kirchin, John Kongos, Lank & Tank, Daniel Lanois, Sven Libaek, Phil Manzanera, George Martin, Janette Mason, Chris McCormack, Elan Mehler, Richard G. Mitchell, Barbrara Moore, Dudley Moore, Nick Muir, Justin Nicholls, Phil Parnell, Marco Pirroni, Mark Russell, Tony Russell, Ben Salisbury, Tim Saul, Richard Thair, Kirk Thompson, Steven Stapleton, Mike Vickers, Tony Visconti, Laurent Voulzy, Benet Walsh, Charles Webster and many more…


The English may not like music, but they absolutely love the noise it makes