Composer Spotlight - James Kenelm Clarke January 2020

James Kenelm Clarke has been writing music for over 60 years – film soundtracks, TV themes, library music, you name it. He’s produced an...

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Composer Spotlight: Alex Rizzo & Elliot Ireland December 2019

Pedigree Cuts, Jalapeno Records, Skeewiff…Alex & Elliot need little introduction. Their contribution to t...

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Jonathan Goldstein 1969 - 2019 September 2019

Jonathan Goldstein has tragically passed away at the age of 50 alongside his wife, Hannah, and their baby daughter. Jonathan was an extremely gifted...

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Apollo's 50th Anniversary Playlist July 2019

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo's take off which led to the first ever moon landing.

To mark the occasion we put together a...

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Choral delights from Musica Britannica May 2019

Our smallest, sub-published catalogue Musica Britannica has delivered a brand new album of exclusively choral music. Short, spiritual pieces, mostly...

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New Folk Album from the Archives May 2019

We have a new addition to the archive: ESL177 Folk Music. Songs and instrumentals across acoustic folk and blues feauting a range of compo...

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Music will express any emotion, base or lofty. She is absolutely unmoral