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(Not so) Standard Stories #02

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(Not so) Standard Stories #02

In the early 70's, Australian composer Sven Libaek wrote the music for Ron & Val Taylor's oceanographic TV series, Inner Space (narrated by William Shatner). The soundtrack album, and specifically the track 'Music For Eels' ended up becoming the inspiration for our library album ESL213 (Under) Waterworld: http://hrvst.co/bb/cebhz

Sven also composed the track ‘Corroboree’ which features on our archive album ESL169 Swings, Grooves & Stomps (1969-1974), and there'll be two more of his re-released in the coming months.

Listen to the slinky, percussive, exotic jazz of 'Music For Eels' here: 


June 2018

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