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Monika Eckert's Little Dark Secrets

Monika Eckert's Little Dark Secrets

The latest release from our Musica Brittanica catalogue comes in the form of 'Little Dark Secrets' - hauntingly beautiful female led acoustic compositions with a folky feel, both tender and mysterious. Written and composed by Monika Eckert, a German TV Presenter, Voice Over Artist and Journalist, who started working on her own music when she met songwriter Huck Whitney (guitarist of 'The Flaming Stars') on a trip to London.

Monika’s lyrics tell about love, life and new beginnings... an album musically inspired by her favourite decades, the 60's and 70's and strong female artists such as Nancy Sinatra, Carla Bruni and Lana Del Rey. There are also influences from the Nouvelle Vague and Hollywood eras.

Listen to the full album here

February 2021

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